The Pilot

1,000 Aerobatic Hours Logged | Over 10,000 Hours in 30 Different Aircraft | 5 Years of flying in Aerobatic Competitions


Hailing from St. Louis Missouri and currently residing in Chicago, Patrick McAlee, is a dedicated and highly-skilled, aerobatic pilot who mixes his hardcore passion and intense personality to produce a unique and entertaining show unlike any other. Before making the transition to airshows, Patrick started in Aerobatic Competition. For five years he continued to work hard; placing top-ten in the nation each and every time. > Pat has logged over 1,000 aerobatic hours > Logged over 10,000 total hours in over 30 different aircraft.


From prep time to show time Patrick is part of your show! Spectators and fans are able to: ask questions, take pictures, get an autograph or just get an opportunity to get up close and personal and see what an airshow performer’s life and passion entails. Regardless of what is going on near, around or above him, Pat makes it his mission to interact with audiences- young and old, granting them full access to both him and the ExtremeFlight team.   During his routine, Patrick executes high energy maneuvers to a choreographed music playlist all while practicing precision, professionalism, and safety.


With the introduction of the “Blue Demon” a highly modified Pitts Bi-plane in 2008 Patrick was able to shift his gears from amateur to a professional airshow pilot. His passion, dedication and love for flight finally allowed him to turn his dream into a realThe Pilotity. For Patrick: Aerobatic flying was his way of maximizing his love for aviation and its community. He loves flying so much that he wants to take it to the maximum of self-expression!


Our Blue Demon Pitts Biplane is located in St. Louis, MO, centrally located to the Midwest, but our ExtremeFlight passion is ready to flourish across the country and abroad.

Why this style?

From the ground looking up, some may ask “why his routine is hardcore?” The simplest response. It is a reflection of his personality “real passion means sacrifice!” There’s also the fact that Patrick likes to use his hot rod plane for a hot rod show. In all seriousness, aviation was always in his blood. His father and uncle both airline pilots exposed him at the age of five; aerobatics at 7.  His inherent love for flying, and mentor ship by airshow moguls such as: Sean D. Tucker, Skip Stewart, Debbie Rihn-Harvey, Billy Werth and Greg Koontz, all steered Patrick towards purpose- to become an Aerobatic Airshow Pilot. He not only likes living his dream also likes to share it, inspiring others to follow their dreams and passions.

Pilot Experience:

-Graduate of Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety- Sean D. Tucker -Certified Mechanic and Commercial Airline Pilot by the age of 23 -Commercial Airline Captain by the age of 26 -Multiple IAC Competition wins; never placed outside top-ten on a national level -Airshows Performed but not limited to:

  • Union City over Discovery Park of America, TN
  • Wings & Wheels Airshow of Kokomo, IN
  • Wings over Warsaw , IN (Assisted with startup)
  • Fair St. Louis, MO
  • Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Lake of the Ozarks, MO
  • Greg Koontz Airshows, AL
  • University of Central Missouri Air Expo, MO ( Assisted with startup)
Patrick McAlee

Extreme Flight’s objectives encompass more than just flight. It is our commitment and devotion to your passions; whatever they may be.



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